“Pat provided me with a top quality nutrition plan in order to help me achieve my goal of losing weight. His instructions were clear and he had no problem answering any questions I asked. He specifically tailored a programme for me and switched it up when needed to make sure I kept progressing. He constantly monitored my progress which was fairly motivating and he made sure I got the best results possible. I could not recommend Pat enough regardless of your goal, this man has plenty of knowledge and years worth of experience with no BS. The results speak for themselves!” – Michael (12 week online nutrition client)


“I originally signed up with Pat for 16 weeks as I wanted to get in the shape of my life for a photoshoot. Throughout our time working together not only did Pat answer every question I had with precision, he gained my trust over and over again. I feel I’ve gained a friend for life. It was my first experience cutting for a shoot, I had no idea what to expect and at different stages when I would have questions Pat would put me at ease. His replies were fast and to the point, honesty is the only policy and that’s how Pat is; no BS. Pat helped me develop as a coach, an athlete and as a human being. He taught me life lessons and values as well as educated me on training and nutrition. I will continue to work with Pat for a long time to come and am buzzing to see what we can achieve together. I can’t recommend Pat enough if your goal is fat loss. He simply knows his stuff, I can’t emphasize that any more” – Luke (Online coaching client and professional trainer)



“Pat provided me with both a training and nutrition plan which were clearly laid out, and any questions I have are always replied to promptly. After 12 weeks I lost 16lbs of fat while building muscle and maintaining almost all of my strength. I am very happy with these results and I highly recommend Pat for anyone interested in bodybuilding, powerlifting or just trying to improve their physique.” – Craig (Online coaching client)


“I originally signed up with Pat for 8 weeks and got super results. Pats dedication to his clients is top class; tailoring each session and program to his clients needs while focusing on correct technique ensuring you get the results you want. I can’t recommend him enough, if you are serious about improvement don’t pass up this guy.” – Stuart (One to one coaching client training 3x week)



“Pats nutrition plan is very different to what most people consider a ‘diet’. I was probably eating more food in a day than ever on my new plan. In terms of training I started from zero and Pat put a huge effort into teaching me the correct techniques; no rushing just getting it right. Pats knowledge is second to none. I dropped about 10kg/22lbs of fat in 10 weeks. This is a no nonsense approach to training.” – Ed (One to one client training with me 2x week. Father and full time shift worker)


I decided to work with Pat because I knew I needed a professional’s help with my training and nutrition to take my strength to the next level after a long period of no results. I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made! In 10 weeks working with Pat I hit a huge personal best on bench press with 217.5kg/480lbs and won 1st place at my first competition.
Pat is 100% dedicated to his clients, not only did he educate me about lifting, he taught about nutrition and motivation & mindset (which I think is most important and Pat truly is the right person to teach about this). I strongly recommend Pat to anyone that is looking to get mentally and physically stronger or just wants to get in great shape.
Remis (Online programming client and WRPF Irish national bench press champion)


“I have been working with Pat since late 2016. Being an experienced trainer myself, I find Pat unbelievable as a coach in terms of his ability to keep me progressing and getting stronger; he has helped me greatly in reaching my goals of becoming a member of the Irish national powerlifting team. During my time working with Pat I have had the opportunity to represent Ireland at 2 IPF world championships, 1 European championship as well as win 3 National championships. Far from just expert programming, Pat is approachable, knowledgeable, reassuring and has a genuine interest in his client’s welfare. Working with Pat has been the best decision I’ve made in my 5 year powerlifting journey.” – 
Colin (Online programming client and Irish national powerlifting team member)