Personal Training

Personal Training and one to once coaching is available at Iron Fitness, Markham, Ontario.

All Personal Training Options Include:

-Consultation & Assessment
-Custom training program
-Goal specific nutrition and supplementation advice
-Email/text support, communication and accountability

Performance Coaching
*subject to experience

-1x 90 minute session

$175 per month
Bronze Personal Training
*subject to experience

-1x 60-minute session weekly

$360 per month
(4 sessions, $90/session)
Silver Personal Training

-2x 60-minute sessions weekly$600 per month
(8 sessions, $75/session)
Gold Personal

-3x 60-minute sessions weekly$780 per month
(12 sessions, $65/session)
Elite Transformation Program
(12 weeks)

-3x 60-minute sessions
(36 sessions,

Please contact me for more information or to get started.