Online Coaching

I am going to assume you landed on this page because you are looking for a coach to guide you to a stronger, healthier and improved version of you. Despite your best efforts your strength, health and physique are just not where you’d them like to be. You understandably struggle to filter through all the noise & nonsense out there relating to training and nutrition and don’t know what specific type of program or diet is right for you. You need a coach that removes the uncertainty about reaching your goals and holds you accountable along the way.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Pat Curran.  I am a professional, caring and deeply passionate coach. I specialize in helping my clients take their strength, physique and mindset to levels they never thought possible.  My clients love that I take the uncertainty out of which program, diet, or advice to follow by providing them with extremely detailed and expertly designed training and nutrition plans that work for THEM. This, combined with professional support, communication and guidance throughout our coaching journey ensures my clients reach their goals with a smile on their face safe in the knowledge that I am behind them all the way.

Coaching my clients to their goals is my passion. Let me help you.

Services and costs:

12 week nutrition coaching

-Custom nutrition plan based around your goals and requirements
-Weekly check ins and accountability with me
-Cardio reccommendations
-Weekly physique and performance analysis
Cost 280/$440

12 week strength & powerbuilding coaching

-Customized strength program based around your specific needs
-Updated program every 4 weeks
-Specific weights prescribed each week on your main lifts
-Weekly video analysis and technique review
-Nutrition and supplement plan to maximize recovery and progress

Ideal for anyone looking to maximize their strength or compete in powerlifting.
Cost €300/$470

12 week mass & muscle gain coaching

-Customized muscle building plan based around your physique
-Updated training program every 6 weeks
-Fully customized nutrition and supplement plan
-Bi-weekly nutrition check ins and physique analysis with adjustments to your plan as needed

Ideal for anyone who wants to add as much muscle as possible.
Cost €300/$470

12 week ultimate physique coaching

-Customized training program updated every 4-6 weeks
-Weekly video analysis and technique review as needed
-Nutrition and supplement plan to maximize recovery and progress
-Cardio plan and recommendations
-Weekly nutrition check ins, physique analysis and updates/adjustments

This is the only package I recommend for clients looking to transform their physique, whether that’s for competition, photoshoot or the beach.
Cost: €450/$705

Once off training plan
Following an initial consultation I will design a custom training program for you based on your goals, current level of training and equipment you have access to. €105//$165  

Once off nutrition plan 
-Customized nutrition and supplement plan with a variety of options for each meal.
-Includes two additional check ins with me to answer any questions you may have and ensure your plan is suiting you in every way. €105//$165

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