The Kaizen Coach

What sets Kaizen Strength apart and makes it the number 1 name for strength training in the south east?

A piece of equipment? Exercises I know that others don’t?


There are no secrets and what i have can’t be bought.

Its something which is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare.

An exceptionally strong blend of practical application and theoretical knowledge.

10 years “in the trenches” trying different training and nutrition styles , different programs , different adjustments, learning and refining technique.

I’ve made all the mistakes along the way. I’ve trained too much, too little, got hurt, adjusted my nutrition incorrectly and paid the price for all of these mistakes.

I’ve seen fads come and go. I’ve even wasted time trying some. I’ve wasted money on supplements I didn’t need.

But I learned. I constantly evaluated what I was doing , what works and what doesn’t.

I won 2 national bodybuilding titles.
2 national powerlifting titles, and some records to boot.

Not content with my practical experience I went to college to study Strength and Conditioning. Earning a diploma with academic honours, soon to be a degree.

I became a certified sports nutritionist to compliment my training knowledge and learn more about nutritional interventions for achieving optimal performance.

During this time I also sought out, spoke with, and more importantly listened to the greatest minds in the realm of performance, training and nutrition, I learned from the best with the goal in mind of always striving to be the best.

With all that said, I’m certainly not finished learning and refining, there’s still more to learn and I can and will always strive to get better.

KAIZEN: The Japanese philosophy of continous improvement.profile-2