About Me

My name is Pat Curran. I am a professional, passionate and caring coach. I specialize in helping people maximize their results when it comes to getting stronger, putting on muscle and changing their body and mind for the better.  My clients love that I take the uncertainty and frustration out of which program, diet, or advice to fo-

Profilellow by providing them with expertly designed training and nutrition protocols that work for THEM combined with professional coaching and guidance along the way. 
I understand how overwhelming it can be with so many conflicting opinions and misinformation out there about training and nutrition, I also understand just

 how important your goals are to you. As someone who has spent over 15 years developing and refining my methods of strength and muscle development; while dealing with the inevitable hurdles of life inside and outside the gym along the way; I understand just what it takes to ensure continued progress.

I am a 3 time Irish National bodybuilding champion, and successful competitive powerlifter. I hold an honors degree in Strength and Conditioning from Limerick Institute of Technology and I am a certified Precision Nutrition coach.
For more information on my coaching services or to get in touch with me click the ‘contact’ tab above or connect with me on Instagram @thekaizenstrengthcoach.