About Me

When it comes to strength and physique development you will be hard pushed to find another coach with such a strong blend of experience and education. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through a combination of over 15 years of real world training and formal education.

Since the age of 14 when as a shy, skinny teenager I first became interested in weight training my passion to pursue and master my craft has been unwavering.

Through the years of pursuing my passion I have:

-Won multiple national bodybuilding titles
-Competed internationally in powerlifting
-Hit personal best lifts in competition of; Squat: 260kg, Bench-Press: 202.5kg and Deadlift: 275kg
-Graduated with honors with a BSc in Strength and Conditioning
-As well as completed countless seminars, workshops and online courses with world leading experts.

While I consider both my experience and qualifications to be impressive, I feel my passion for and approach to my clients is what truly sets me apart. I am a genuine, caring and passionate coach who has made it my career and my mission to coach my clients to take their strength, physique and confidence to levels they never dreamed possible. Let me help you to do the same.


Left to right:
Winning best overall lifter at the WRPF Powerlifting Championships, Ireland
Winning my 3rd National Bodybuilding title
Graduating LIT with BSc (hons) Strength & Conditioning